Meet Stacy O'Quinn

After his father’s death a family suffering from poverty got worse, Stacy watched as his mother struggled to make ends meet. Alone by herself and with no help, she did all she could but it never seemed like enough. He watched as she fought to find financial peace. He knew there had to be a better way.

In fifth grade, he rotated the same two or three pairs of jogging pants for school each day. At 11, his mother explained to Stacy and his brother that they could have a Christmas tree or a Christmas present, but she couldn’t give them both (they chose the tree).

His mother eventually met the man that would become his stepdad. He was a farmer and a hard man. He worked Stacy and his brother in fields for long hours, with no pay. In the summer, Stacy and his brother often worked tobacco from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. On top of that, he was verbally and physically abusive to the boys when they were younger.

Stacy needed a change, so when he was able, he joined the military to serve his country and escape the long, unpaid hours on the farm and abuse at home. While he began to earn an income, he fell into the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Only making $25,000 a year, he ended up $292,000 in debt.

Even in his struggles, he never forgot what his dad taught him as a little boy – you live in one of the best places on earth, you can become anything you want. Stacy’s life experiences taught him how to work hard and never take no for an answer. So, he made a change.

While he was in the military, Stacy started his own business. Its failure showed him that he needed to learn a lot more about business and money. He got to work, learning and practicing the skills needed to increase his income, decrease his debt, and build wealth.

As a result, Stacy learned how to not only gain income, but how to make money work for him. Today he is husband and father, a multimillionaire who owns multiple businesses and has earned millions more through investing.

Now, he’s taking what he’s learned in a lifetime of hard work, trial, and error, and putting it to work for you.

He wants to pass on what he’s learned. Most importantly, Stacy wants to make sure his own children are financially independent and secure, so they never struggle the way his mother did. He’s organizing everything he knows about business and income for them and making it available to anyone else who desires a coaching relationship.

Stacy knows teenage kids aren’t the most receptive to these so-called “Dad conversations,” but after losing his own father at young age he wants to make sure this information is available to Alexis and Edgar today, tomorrow, or whenever they need it. More than anything, he wants to make sure he leaves his kids the knowledge they need to be financially free.

He’s started a podcast to capture his life and financial coaching for his children, so they’ll have it when the day comes and he’s no longer around. This is his legacy to his children, but it’s also available to you through his coaching and consulting efforts.

Topics covered include mental strength and choices; career/financial responsibility and ownership; wise investing and real estate income; career advancement; personal motivation; sales training; team building; and getting more people to help you long-term.

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel as though you take one step forward and then two steps back? When you balance the checkbook at the dinner table, does it bring you frustration?

Let’s fix that. Decide freedom.

Let’s take control of your financial life. You can own your income, get rid of debt, and build real wealth. Let Stacy show you how. 


Reach out today to learn more about:

Money Management

Learn about expense tracking, investing, budgeting and banking.

Wealth building

Learn the process of generating long-term income through multiple sources.

career advancement

Use your skill sets to achieve new career goals and more challenging job opportunities.

small business development

Drive revenue, manage expenses, lead a team and make strategic decisions.

problem solving

Develop creative thinking skills to overcome obstacles and discover solutions.

client acquisition & Sales

Increase sales, acquire new customers, and grow relationships with existing customers.


Inspire your team with your vision and recruit the right people to help you achieve it.

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