This is something that is truly amazing.  How do we discover success?  What is it?  How do we define it?  This could be shocking but one of the best explanation’s for success that I’ve ever discovered is truly where ever you are comfortable.  What do I mean by this?  It’s simple, we only define success by our own desires or belief.  I want to be a good parent or a good spouse the reality is we define that from what we “believe” is good.  When we think of successful from a prosperity point of view that is merely in relationship to the amount of money or benefit of money that it would take for us to be comfortable.  So if we are in a “comfort zone” then we have truly reached our own pinnacle of success.  That does not mean that we would not ever want more money.  What that means is that we have gotten comfortable with what we have so we “believe” it is enough.

 I work in a business with an amazing group of people.  We support each other and all run our business pretty much on the same model.  Our support and marketing model is called Decide Freedom International or DFI.  It amazes me how a group of people with the same product, opportunity and even websites and advertising have such variance on the amount of success they are having.  Take Jackie O’Quinn for instance he is extremely successful started out with absolutely nothing and now is a six figure income earner.  Or Shawn Scheppele who in his first 100 days with us made 50,000 dollars.  Or Jennifer Murphy who was a stay at home mom and only really wanted an extra 200 dollars a month to support her husband and in her first year made 92,000 dollars.  How can some have that level of success and some almost none?  The answer is simple.  Thay where not comfortable!  They wanted it!  Therefore they succeeded!!!  So next time you say you want something, ask yourself are you comfortable with out it?  If so get uncomfortable and go freakin get it!!!  If you are not going to stop you then who is?

 How comfortable are you?

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