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Decide Freedom

For too many people, money is the problem and not a solution. Most people are caught up in a rat race and feel like they can’t get ahead. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can be free.

You deserve to take control of your financial life and make your money work for you. You can own your career, increase your income, say goodbye to debt, and build wealth.

You can control your finances, and you can own your future.

Millionaire Dad Training

Meet Stacy O'Quinn

Stacy is a husband, father, and multimillionaire who has created wealth through hard work and investing. But it hasn’t always been that way.

After his father’s death, a family suffering from poverty got worse, Stacy watched as his mother struggled to make ends meet. Alone by herself and with no help, she did all she could, but it never seemed like enough.

He watched as she fought to find financial peace. He knew there had to be a better way.

In fifth grade, he rotated the same two or three pairs of jogging pants for school each day. At 11, his mother explained to Stacy and his brother that they could have a Christmas tree or a Christmas present, but she couldn’t give them both (they chose the tree).

After years of hard work on the farm, he joined the military where he learned skills and discipline needed to succeed in life.

Today, Stacy helps people take control of their lives, pay off debt, increase their income and build wealth.


These are the same principles I am using to teach my children how to have successful careers and leave a legacy for their kids. I’ve organized this content and decided to share it with anyone who is willing to learn and do the work.

Stacy O'Quinn

Million Dollar Dad Training

Reach out today to learn more about:

Money Management

Learn about expense tracking, investing, budgeting and banking.

Wealth building

Learn the process of generating long-term income through multiple sources.

career advancement

Use your skill sets to achieve new career goals and more challenging job opportunities.

small business development

Drive revenue, manage expenses, lead a team and make strtegic decisions.

problem solving

Develop creative thinking skills to overcome obstacles and discover solutions.

client acquisition & Sales

Increase sales, acquire new customers, and grow relationships with existing customers.


Inspire your team with your vision and recruit the right people to help you achieve it.


See what Stacy's clients have to say.

Stuart A. Lynn Founder & CEO of LynnGroup

"Stacy has been a clear caring voice of wisdom in my life. When we first connected, I was an employee of a locaI firm making 50K a year trying to support eight kids, often borrowing money from my Dad to help. Stacy's advice started as he encouraged me before I started my engineering firm 13 years ago. Today we have grown to multiple divisions and locations and have become one of the largest windstorm engineering firms in the State of Texas. Stacy understands people and has been a valuable voice of reason in finances, business development, and creating wealth. Today I have more passive income from my investments than my salary and I can say I probably wouldn't have done that without Stacy's influence."

Shane Houston

"One of my earliest memories of Stacy was hearing him train at a business conference as a guest speaker on finances and sales in Texas. I had a small painting business at the time but ended up leaving it behind to move from Canada to the United States to marry my wife. I was starting fresh in a new country and did odd jobs here and there to make money, then I an opportunity to work with Stacy one on one. I started a new career in an industry I knew nothing about and made 6 figures in 12 months. Today I work in a sales position and make multiple six figures a year (I thought I hated sales). Stacy's guidance, encouragement, and accountability has changed my family. Today 4 years after being able to connect one on one with Stacy I'm married and have two beautiful kids, my wife doesn't have to work. We are totally debt free and I own 5 rental properties free and clear. I can say for a fact I wouldn't be where I'm at financially if it wasn't for Stacy O'Quinn."

Brandon Cox Owensboro, Kentucky

"Stacy helped me understand that financial freedom isn't only for the ultra-wealthy. Everyday people like me can enjoy peace of mind and control over their finances."​

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